Robert Seaman PTA Committees


*Committees marked with one star are flexible and shorter commitments.

(Can be good for working parents.)

**Committees marked with two stars require a larger commitment of time.


master committee list

Auditing (once a year)*
Good for working parents who like to help us audit the PTA book, usually done mid-year.

Book Fair (March)**
A week-long fundraising event held in conjunction with Scholastic every Spring. The committee sets up and sells books to our classes throughout the week. This committee requires a commitment to be at the school for a couple of hours a day during the week of the fair, and the first evening of that week.                                                                             

Collect BoxTops clippings that are sent into the school by our parents and periodically mail them in for reimbursement. This is an ongoing committee throughout the school year.

Bulletin Board Committee (All Year)*
Decorate the PTA bulletin board located outside of the school office for certain upcoming events. This would need to be done approximately once every 4 weeks.

Community Service ( All Year)*
Organizes events throughout the course of the year, such as a Coat Drive, Thanksgiving Can Drive, Holiday Toy Drive and Breakfast Drive.

Fall Festival (October)**
A major fundraising event that is held in October. This fun committee requires commitment for pre-planning the event, but has many people on it to divide and share the tasks.

Welcome Back BBQ/Family Night (September - Welcome Back BBQ/January - Family Night)*
Organize and run the school Family Night in January and a BBQ held on the school grounds at the beginning of the school year. Great committee for working parents, as both events are held outside of normal school hours.

Family Photo (October)*
Committee members will have to come in on one Saturday to help with an outside vendor from arranging time slots for different family shoot to helping out with proof night.

Fundraiser Committee*
Members will coordinate and organize fundraisers throughout the course of the year like Restaurant Night Popcorn sale and Thanksgiving pies.

Health, Safety and Spirit (All Year)*
Organize events each month to promote health and safety awareness.

Holiday Boutique (December)**
Plan and run a week-long fundraiser event in the school. Set up a Holiday Shopping Boutique for the children to give them an opportunity to purchase gifts for family and friends. Items are supplied by an outside vendor.                                                                                       

Set up coffee and light refreshments for some PTA meetings, Meet-the-Teacher Nights in September and K-Orientation in the spring.        

Membership (September/October)*
Collect and account for all PTA dues

Sell these fundraising items at various PTA events throughout the year.

Fall Harvest Sale /Spring Plant Sale (October/May)*
Coordinate and run an all day plant sale held at school. One will be in a Fall Harvest Sale and the other will be a Mother’s Day Sale.

Programming Assemblies*
Plan and arrange for some of the students’ in-school assemblies which are held at various times throughout the year.

PTA Luncheon (May)*
Arrange a lunch held in April for all parents, as well as teachers in the community. The committee will be in charge of running all aspects of the planning and execution of “PTA Luncheon”.

Public Relations**
Attend school events and some in class activities, in order to take photos and write short accompanying articles for submission to local newspapers. (Example: Field Trips, Halloween Parade, etc...)

Seaman Connect**
This committee is designed to help families/parents of new incoming students and families feel welcome to our school. 

School Supplies*
Coordinate and execute the sale of pre-packaged school supplies for the upcoming school year. The items are supplied by an outside vendor, and the committee coordinates the sale (April) of the packages to Seaman Families.

SEPTA Representative**
Our school representatives for Special Education PTA attend district-wide meetings and events, collect SEPTA membership dues at Seaman, and give a report at each general PTA meeting regarding upcoming events.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon (June)*
A luncheon held at the school every June in honor of our faculty. Parents coordinate a theme, establish the menu, set-up and serve, and organize all volunteers.

Responsible for sending happiness and condolence cards, baby and wedding gifts to our faculty as required. Also responsible for purchasing flowers given by the PTA at our twice-yearly student concerts.  

Sweatshirt Sale**   

A yearly event (September and in Spring) selling and merchandising Jericho themed clothing and accessories for both kids and adults.